Flexible display is the new favorite of the future

Issuing time:2022-07-29 12:40

From the early black and white image world to the color world, the development of the display has gone through a long and arduous process. With the continuous breakthrough and innovation of display technology, the display has gradually been "bent". In the niche, curved displays emerged, and now curved displays are popular throughout the esports industry and are highly sought after by esports industry and game players.

Curved display, as its name implies, is a display device with a curved panel, which presents its unique advantages in both the aesthetics of the display and the improvement of the user's visual experience. First of all, from a visual point of view, curved display can bring users a better sense of visual openness than ordinary display, it avoids the two ends of the visual distance is too large, to ensure that the curved screen radian equal distance with the human eye.

In terms of technology, curved displays have significantly better picture quality in the VA wide view panel. Another extremely important parameter for curved displays is curvature, or how curved the screen is. For displays, of course, the smaller the curvature, the more pronounced the curvature, and the more difficult the manufacturing process. Of course, the smaller the curvature of the display, the better the visual experience, but also combined with the size of the display. According to the current actual experience, in general, the curvature of a display of about 27 inches should be within 4000R at least to achieve the shock effect conveyed by the curved surface visually. At present, among display brands such as Samsung, LG and AOC, curved displays have appeared in their product series, which are mainly aimed at the esports industry.

Flexible displays could be the future

Although the curved display occupies a certain market space in the display industry, it does not mean that it is the final destination of the development of the display industry. The emergence and technological development of flexible display may crowd out the curved display market. Flexible display screen adopts PHOLED phosphorescent OLED technology, which occupies the advantages of low power consumption, small size and direct visual flexibility, and has been unanimously recognized by the industry.

Flexible displays support instant user input via a stylus or touch, and consume power only when the e-paper is activated, which is good for mobile phone screens, televisions and computer monitors. Another point is that today's display devices, like TV and computer monitors, occupy a certain space in a fixed form, and have a certain degree of weight and thickness. Flexible displays, on the other hand, are extremely thin and deformable, making them an unusual device that can be used in a wider range of applications.

From the current development of flexible display, it is very suitable for game equipment, from visual experience to portability will be favored by game players. Recently, a mobile phone exposure combining flexible display and holographic projection technology was designed by a laboratory in Canada. It takes advantage of the flexibility of the flexible screen to bend the phone to interact, and the content displayed on the screen changes according to the degree of bending. Flexible displays can replace curved ones, which is still a matter of market and consumer acceptance, and a good user experience is also crucial.